Beverage distributor

FERBALMO is the owner and distributor of the beverage brands, Fast Power eXtreme Energy Drink, Ultimate Hydro isotonic sports drink, Fruit Style and others.

Ferbalmo, is a beverage distributor in Jaén (Spain) which has become known as a benchmark in the sector. Currently, we have sufficient logistical capacity to deliver our products to the following sectors of the economy hospitalityrestaurants and supermarkets. We differentiate ourselves by offering products of the best quality and the most recognised brands. In our company you will be able to acquire isotonics drinks, energy drinks, juices and coffeeamong others.

We distribute in North Africa in countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Mali and Senegal, Latin America such as Chile, Europe such as Spain, Sweden and Portugal, as well as in several countries in the Middle East.

Our beverage brands

Ultimate Hydro

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Drinks Fruit Style

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Fast Power

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Purasangre Coffee and Quetta

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